Regulations and Opportunities for B3 Waste Business

Fri, 05 Jul 2019
1:47 pm
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In order to connect the ties of friendship within the large family of ITS Chemical Engineering after celebrating Iedul Fitri 1440 H, the Chemical Engineering Alumni Association of ITS (ALTEKIM ITS) held Halal bi Halal and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) activities on Saturday, June 29, 2019. The FGD took place in the Chemical Engineering Meeting Room with the theme Regulations and Business Opportunities for Hazardous and Toxic Waste (B3). The FGD was attended by invited guests, ranging from lecturers, full-time lecturers, and Chemical Engineering alumni who worked in various sectors.

The FGD was filled by resource persons Bang Ucok K34 (Edward Nixon Pakpahan, PhD, Deputy Director of Infrastructure & Services, Directorate of Performance Evaluation on Hazardous Waste & Non Hazardous Waste Management, Ministry of Environment and Forestry) and moderated by Cak Gunawan K34 (Secretary of the Department of Chemical Engineering FTI ITS).
The scope of discussion of FGDs is (1) B3 Waste & B3 Waste Management Regulations; (2) Existing B3 Waste Management: B3 Waste Facilities; and (3) Development of B3 Waste Management. In each management chain, recording and control is carried out with a permit to ensure that the requirements for location, facilities, technology and quality standards are met. Each transfer of B3 waste is accompanied by a manifest to ensure management is carried out according to the principle of cradle to grave.

The results of the FGD concluded that there were 5 fields that could be cultivated by Chemical Engineering Alumni as a manifestation of real contributions in the development of B3 waste management, namely: (1) utilization of Fly ash and bottom ash (FABA); (2) utilization of used tire waste into fuel
(pyrolysis); (3) construction of health facility B3 waste incinerators
(4) construction of used oil-based lubricants for HSD (High Speed ​​Diesel); (5) utilization of liquid mercury. Furthermore, what is meant by the use of FABA and Used Lubricants is in-situ processing to reduce transportation costs.

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