Analitical and Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Analitical and Organic Chemistry Laboratory

A. Education
Chemical Engineering Laboratory works as a place to learn the principles of chemical engineering. The focus of his studies include: application of the principle of conservation (mass, energy, momentum), transport phenomena, thermodynamics and reaction engineering in various unit operations of chemical engineering.
In function, the Chemical Engineering Laboratory supports courses: Chemical Engineering Operations Unit, Transfer Phenomena, Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, as well as several related courses such as waste treatment etc.

B. Research
Research in the Chemical Engineering Laboratory is not carried out specifically, the main function is as a teaching laboratory. However, the equipment and modules in it can be used to support research activities in general.

C. Community Service
Community service is carried out as one of the tridharma dimensions of higher education, where the Chemical Engineering Laboratory is used for related activities, both by lecturers, staff
education and students.


Head of Laboratory

197610202005012001_Dr. Yeni Rahmawati, ST. MT

Dr. Yeni Rahmawati, S.T., M.T.

Email :
Expertise : Membrane Technology, Polymer, Separation


Room Facilities

  1. Practical space, research and main services
  2. Laboratory room
  3. Practical assistant room
  4. Practice room

Supporting Facilities

  1. Source of electric current from PLN and Generating Set (Diesel)
  2. Sources of clean water from PDAM and drilled wells.
  3. The means of communication include telephone and internet.
  4. Drinking water from gallons of mineral water.
  5. Hand washing and glass instruments (washtafel).
  6. Separate trash cans by type

Special Facilities

  1. Computer with specifications for Design
  2. LCD Projector
  3. Comfortable AC room