Komunitas Hydromodelling berperan dalam pengembangan anngota di bidang Hydromodelling dan wadah untuk meningkatkan rasa keilmiahan yang prestatif, kompetitif, dan inovatif dalam diri anggota.

Menjadikan hydromodelling HIMATEKPAL sebagai aset kebanggaan HIMATEKPAL dengan langkah pembaharuan dan inovasi untuk memberi pondasi yang kuat dalam pengembangan hydromodelling HIMATEKPAL ITS.

  1. Menjadi wadah penyaluran kreativitas serta fasilitas untuk membentuk anggota yang kreatif, inofatif dalam pengembangan hydromodelling HIMATEKPAL.
  2. Mempersiapkan dan mengirim perwakilan hydromodelling untuk mengikuti kompetisi hydromodelling tingkat regional, nasional maupun internasional.
  3. Memperkenalkan hydromodelling dalam kancah institut, regional, nasional dan internasional.
  4. Menjadi Badan Semi Otonom Mandiri Finansial
  • Hydro Class
  • Workshop
  • Software Training :
    a. Software Training (Semester Ganjil)
    b. Software Training (Semester Genap)
  • Pelatihan Keilmiahan :
    a. Pelatihan Keilmiahan (Semester Ganjil)
    b. Pelatihan Keilmiahan (Semester Genap)
  • Hydro Visit :
    a. Hydro Visit (Semester Ganjil)
    b. Hydro Visit (Semester Genap)
  • PKTI TD (susulan)
  • Hydro Expo
    a. Research and Technology (Semester Ganjil)
    b. Research and Technology (Semester Genap)

Juara 3 dalam lomba MMENE UI

Lomba Kontes Kapal Cepat Tak berawak Nasional (KKCTBN) 2016

  • Kategori ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) Meraih Juara 1
  • Kategori ERC  Meraih Juara 2 dan Best Design

Kegiatan Workshop RC Boat dari Hydromodelling


English Club


E-SQUAD is HIMATEKPAL’s English Club, held on Friday in even week every month at 3.30 – 5.00 pm (exception applied) with the aim to develop the potential, interests, self-confidence, and also giving a place for the members so they can freely speak English, in the form of meetings.

This club is run by Internationalization division of External Affair Department. Halida Aulia El Islamy as the head of this club, helped by Bilal Imam Saputra as the secretary and 8 committees; Raja Andhika Rizki Ramadhani, Muhammad Rifqi Fauzan, Pieter Mario Fernandez, Muhammad Iqbal, Rahardian Ahmad Fauzi, Jimmy Hartono, Willyam Nainggolan, and Septiardhi Rasyid Pratama. 47 students registered to the club and presented alternately in each session.

At each meeting there are sharing session by people who already experienced in international activities, especially in the spheres of students and the maritime field, and also discussions on matters that interest the student at the time. In addition, members also games that can improve their spirit and ingrained their mindset that English is fun.

Started from October, many topics have already been shared and discussed by the members. Special guest who was the writer of DJ Mag ASEAN, Derisha Aryawan, opened up the club with the topic of Communication in Digital Era. The members were explained about how to communicate with people around the world through the internet and how to use the social media wisely as Millennials.

Continued with the second session, the topic of “U-NIVERSE” was brought so the members could sit together in circle and know each other form other perspective. 1 of 10 questions were prepared to be taken from one member who got picked and after that member answered that question, the other members could ask anything they wanted to know from that one member. The questions are What is the best thing in you life?, What is your biggest fear and why?, What are 5 things on your bucket list?, What are 3 things people misjudge about you?, What are 3 things people don’t know about you?, etc.
The third session brought the topic of “Around The World”, where the members were devided into groups of continents from the country they want to visit. Members discussed about which country they wanted to visit by mentioning the reasons and also showed other member what that country is famous for, wether its dance, accent, football club, etc. This session also informed about how important it is to have a passport for going abroad to invite the member to join an event from the same divison “International Insight” with the theme of Travelling Around The World where making passport was explained from the immigration office of Surabaya. After that, as Mannequin Challenge was quite a thing back then, the members did one and the video was posted on instagram of a member’s account.
Entering a new semester gave the committees the idea to the membes something that can help them to realx a bit from assignments they do at that time. The fourth session was held as a movie session where the members watched and discussed a movie tittled “In the Heart of the Sea”. The movie about the New England whaling ship Essex was assaulted by something no one could believe: a whale of mammoth size and will, and an almost human sense of vengeance in the winter of 1820. It reveals the encounter’s harrowing aftermath, as the ship’s surviving crew is pushed to their limits and forced to do the unthinkable to stay alive. Braving storms, starvation, panic and despair, the men will call into question their deepest beliefs, from the value of their lives to the morality of their trade, as their captain searches for direction on the open sea and his first mate still seeks to bring the great whale down. (IMBd)
Untill this moment, the committees keep preparing many sessions ahead to give the members what they need to face the global era.