Industrial Engineering Student Association

DTSI-ITS Student Association

In the organizational structure of students at ITS, each department has a place for channeling activities or organizational activities that are commonly called Department Student Associations or abbreviated HMJ. In the Department of Industrial Engineering, the existing HMJ is known as the HMTI or the Industrial Engineering Student Association.

The HMTI consists of two parts namely the HMTI / BPH HMTI Daily Management Board and the Industrial Engineering Student Senate / SMTI. The HMTIHMTI BPH is led by a chairperson of the association elected by full HMTI members through elections held once a year. Whereas SMTI is led by a SMTI coordinator, who is chosen by the SMTI members. The SMTI members are representatives or representatives of each class. As the name implies BPH HMTI is an executive body that runs the organization, while SMTI performs its function as a student legislative and judicial body.
The activities carried out within the BPH HMTI include academic professional development activities, new student orientation activities, social relations activities, entrepreneurial activities, arts and sports activities, and others. Seeing the number of activities that must be managed above, then in the body of HMTI a department was formed which later specifically handles and manages existing activities.

Each of these departments is led by a chair of the department, usually called the department cadre in the HMTI are:
• Academic Professional Development Department / PPA
• Cadre Department
• Department of Public Relations / Public Relations
• Department of Entrepreneurship / KWU
• General Department.

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