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June 16, 2021 05:06

“Crown” Gasoline Engine Performance Testing at STP Otomotif in Collaboration with PT Rutan

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Currently, PUI SKO ITS is performing a collaborative testing in partnership with PT Rutan.  PT Rutan is a leading Indonesian company that provides advanced and high quality products for agriculture, farming, forestry, fisheries, and marine affairs. PT Rutan’s products are related to pre-harvest, harvest, and post-harvest processes, engine & generator sets, marine and multitools. This collaborative testing is a continuation of previous collaboration to test the performance of KOYU gasoline generator in last April.

Documentation. Koyu 3000E Genset

On this occasion, the test was carried out to test the performance of 3 “Crown” brand gasoline engine types, with different engine capacity. Tests were carried out in May-June at the STP Otomotif facility. Loading is carried out using an AC generator with a capacity of up to 10 KW with a loading interval of 500 W. Calculation of specific fuel consumption is carried out by measuring the consumption time of a certain amount of fuel at different loads using a 25 mL measuring tube.

Documentation. 3 Types of “Crown” Gasoline Engines which were tested

The test is intended to obtain engine performance in terms of power output, thermal efficiency and specific fuel consumption. The test was carried out with two variations of engine RPM based on engine specifications. The following is the documentation of the testing process.

Documentation. Testing of “Crown” Gasoline Engine type-CGE 270



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