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June 07, 2021 04:06

GESITS Maintenance with PT ITS Teknosains

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On June 7, 2021, PT ITS Teknosains submitted a request to PUI SKO ITS to perform a maintenance on one of its GESITS units. The Unit was experiencing a problem where the unit didn’t turn on at all when the on/off switch was turned. After accepting the request, PUI SKO ITS dispatched two technicians to deal with the problem. The unit was taken to the Molina Building for service afterwards.

Before performing maintenance actions, the technicians inspected the condition and normality of the unit components. Because the unit did not turn on, the first inspection done by the technicians was on the electrical distribution components. And therefore, the electrical distribution components were inspected first in accordance with the SOP.

First component to inspect was the battery. The results of the voltage test showed that the battery was still in normal condition. The second inspection was performed on the output of the MCB, of which the voltage was tested. The results of the check showed that the voltage through the MCB was still present and at a normal value. The next analysis fell to the on/off contact itself. To access the cable connection of the on/off contact, it is necessary to disassemble the front fairings. After disassembly, the electrical connection of the switch was inspected, which showed that the switch was not working properly, and needed a reparation. After maintenance was performed, to ensure that there is no other damage to the electrical system, the on/off switch was bypassed to test if the unit could start properly. After the test performed, it was concluded that there was no other damage to the unit detected which confirmed that the damage was present only in the on/off switch. After fairings reassembly, the unit can finally be operated normally. The unit was subsequently returned to PT ITS Teknosains.



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