Bachelor Thesis

Bachelor Thesis

Bachelor thesis is a requirement for graduation for ITS Development Studies students. This course, which is equivalent to 6 credits, must be taken by each student as a condition for completing their undergraduate education and obtaining a Bachelor’s degree. The aim of the thesis is for students to be able to explain, analyze and apply all educational knowledge and experience based on basic and elective courses in the field of expertise they are interested in. Therefore, it is hoped that this bachelor thesis can be used as a means of expressing students’ creativity in designing, planning, evaluating, improving, innovating, as well as providing solutions to real problems (problem solving) found in study objects related to aspects of Development Studies. This bachelor thesis is in the form of a written scientific report that follows standard research methodology rules and writing scientific papers.

General requirement

Every student who will submit a thesis must fulfill several administrative and academic requirements as follows:

  • Actively registered as a student at the ITS Development Studies Department;
  • List or take thesis courses at FRS in the semester when you start submitting your thesis proposal;
  • Have completed or passed a minimum of 120 credits of courses, including a minimum of 2 (two) selected concentration elective courses;
  • Pass TOEFL before the thesis exam.

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Important Information

Link to Cover Letter for Preliminary Research on Thesis Proposal and Seminar Proposal Registration