Our Alumni? – Dommy Dyotama (Operation Telkomsel Sales Outlet)

Fri, 19 Oct 2018
9:22 am

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Our resource person this time is Mas Dommy Dyotama, who is familiarly called Mas Dommy. This is the 2009 SI who holds the alumni title since 2013. Unlike our previous sources, our resource person is currently working in the non-IT field. So, it is very suitable for those of you who want to get away from programming after graduating later

Before working at Telkomsel, Mas Dommy began his career by working at Indomaret (calm, not as a cashier indomaret). Mas Dommy became an MT (Manager Trainee) in the development and area, and in just 2 years, immediately became Manager. His job is to take care of local and national promotion issues, new store openings, store stock strategies, operations, etc. from 60 indomaret stores.

Since 2016, Mas Dommy began working in Telkomsel in the Sales Outlet Operation section. The task of Sales Outlet Operation is to control distributors who sell Telkomsel products such as how to sell, whether the promotions made by Telkomsel are going well, etc. He exclaimed, sometimes when controlling at various outlets, you can go all the way, you know

Because of working in a non-IT field, most of Mas Dommy’s co-workers are graduates of Industrial Management and Engineering. Telkomsel has many work divisions and many Information Systems graduates are in the Sales Division, IT Division, and Network Division.

According to Mas Dommy, if you really lack passion in the IT field, you can apply in non-IT divisions because the information system is broad, not just learning programming. Instead of working for life, not according to ability and passion? 😥

Order Mas Dommy, often see web jobseeker, SAC, and come to jobfair. Always prepare a CV and supporting files (diplomas, certificates, KTP, KK, etc.) so that if there are interesting job openings, you can apply directly! 💓

So, what is Alumni? this time, see you at Alumni News? next✨



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