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Fri, 19 Oct 2018
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The Enterprise System (Lab. SE) was established in the odd semester of 2015/2016, covering several elective courses for the final semester students as follows.

  1. ERP system
  2. E-Business
  3. Business Continuity Planning

The scientific fields covered include:

  • Sistem Enterprise: Customer Relations Management, Supply Chain Management, Company Resource Planning
  • Manajemen Proses Bisnis:¬†Process Mining, Workflow
  • Analisis dan Pemodelan Proses Bisnis:Systems Analysis and Modeling, Business Brightness, Analytical Business, Geographic Information Systems
  • Data and Knowledge Management: Data Warehousing, OLAP, Database

Laboratory Activities

  1. Strategic issues that are the basis and focus of the Laboratory of Information Systems Department of Information Systems
  2. laboratory, Information Technology Faculty (FTIF) in 2015-2020 are related to studies with the following topics:Model
  3. Development and Information Technology for Sustainable Energy Development Renewable Energy Generation)
  4. Model Development and Information Technology for Sustainable Agri Food Systems
  5. Model and Information Technology Development for Sustainable Urban Planning
  6. Study of the Application of Enterprise Systems in Indonesia
  7. Application of Process Mining Techniques for Improving Company Performance
  8. Study of Extracting Business Processes from Text to Take Best Practices on certain Procedures
  9. Study of the Best Techniques to Build a Plug-in that can Paste into Proven and Open Source ERP Products
  10. Study on How to Make a Green Business Process System that Supports Business Process Execution that is Environmentally
  11. Mindful without Loss of Service Level Agreement
  12. Study of the Best Techniques in Scheduling
  13. Non-functional Needs Analysis for ERP Systems
  14. Non-functional Testing for ERP Systems
  15. White Box and Black Box Testing for ERP Systems
  16. Customer Touchpoints for SMEs

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