Data Acquisition and Information Dissemination

Fri, 19 Oct 2018
9:33 am

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Strategic issues that are the basis and research focus of the Data Acquisition and Information Dissemination Laboratory of the Information Systems Department, Faculty of Information Technology (FTIF) in 2015-2020 are the use of Information and Communication Technology for the development of transparency and enrichment of public information.

Data and Information are one of the vital elements in the aspect of community life. Therefore, mastery of technology for data and information is very important for the welfare and sovereignty of the nation. There are three important elements which are the main topics of research, including:

  • Data Acquisition

Data that is currently around us is heterogeneous, both in terms of structure (structured and unstructured), location (distributed or centralized), from various sources / resources (for example: data from websites, text / text messages, etc.) and volume (example: massive data or big data).

  • Processing Paradigm

Along with the development of sources and volume of data, there are also various technologies for processing these data. Each of these technologies is an implementation of a different paradigm of data, and is realized in innovation in pre-process and data processing techniques.

  • Information Dissemination

Process and data processing methods are more valuable information.

Laboratory Activities

  1. MonVis-Musrenbang, Jurusan Sistem Informasi and Dow Chemical US, 2015, website at

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