World Urban Forum (WUF) 9, Kuala Lumpur: Implementation of the New Urban Agenda towards Cities 2030

Sun, 27 Jan 2019
1:27 pm
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WUF 9 was held at KLCC Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur on 7-13 February 2018 which was the first thematic session focusing on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda (NUA) contained in Habitat III. This international scale meeting successfully brought together stakeholders from various fields, especially those related to urban development in dissemination and discussion activities related to issues that developed in urban areas including best practices from various cities around the world.

Planning education, especially in the field of Urban and Regional Planning, is responsible for producing graduates who are urban planners with specific competencies who have a large role in implementing NUA towards Cities 2030. This was conveyed during a side event session at WUF 9 organized by the Indonesian Planner School Association ( ASPI) collaborated with the Global Planning Education Association Network (GPEAN) with the theme Capacity Building for the New Urban Agenda: Education for Planners . In the session, the education practice of planning schools was disseminated from countries such as Indonesia and Mexico. It was also stated that some of NUA’s main objectives, namely increasing awareness regarding sustainable urbanization, improving shared knowledge related to sustainable city development, and increasing coordination and cooperation among stakeholders can be integrated through the content of planning school curriculum and planning studio activities that are expected to produce urban planners who share a common vision towards Cities 2030: Cities for All.

Other activities organized by the Government of Indonesia were the Indonesian Caucus, a forum for sharing information and discussions between institutions and individuals who attended WUF 9 held by the Ministry of Public Works at the Indonesian Pavilion stand at the beginning of the WUF event. The involvement of PWK ITS as a WUF 9 participant gets several networks that will be followed up in the form of cooperation including UNHABITAT, several universities that are members of Networking Events, and providers of alternative transportation services such as Dopplemayr. The results of participating in this event are expected to provide a discourse in implementing the New Urban Agenda in the education process at PWK ITS specifically, and the implementation of sustainable planning in Indonesia in general.

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  1. GPEAN / ASPI Side Event Activities: Capacity Building for the New Urban Agenda: Education for Planners (A and B)
  2. Networking Event Activities
  3. Indonesian Caucus Activities by the Ministry of Public Works (C)

Side Event ASPI / GPEAN

Indonesian caucus

Networking Event: Saudi Cities Future Program

Pavilion Indonesia, Ministry of Public Works

Networking Discussion: Dopplemayr

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