Student Excursion – Study to Singapore

Tue, 19 Feb 2019
11:27 am
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Beginning in 2018, to be exact 23-25 ​​January 2018 some 2014 students from the Department of Regional and Urban Planning (PWK) conducted excursion studies to Singapore. Singapore was used as the study destination because it had a different spatial arrangement system with Indonesia. For this reason, students want to visit the Urban and Regional Authority (URA) as a spatial authority in Singapore. In addition, the processing and utilization of water managed by the Public Utilities Board (PUB) also attract the attention of students because Singapore as a country that does not have a natural water management system turns out to be able to meet the clean water needs of its citizens.

Singapore is a country that implements a combination of long-term plans in the form of strategic land use plans with a master plan that is more detailed in managing physical development in the country. Various models of three-dimensional models and space utilization amendment documents are interesting highlights in looking closely at the portrait of city development management during our visit at URA.

In addition to efficiency in managing living space with a limited area, efficiency is also carried out in the management of clean water. Household waste is valuable because Singapore does not have a natural hydrological system that is able to supply clean water continuously. Large investments are made to make clean water treatment plants either from rainwater or household wastewater. An explanation regarding the household wastewater treatment system provides new knowledge to students during a visit at PUB. A clear explanation from the guide provides a thorough understanding of how Singapore today manages its water resources. In addition to visiting technical agencies students also visit several strategic locations, such as Marina Barrage, Gardens by The Bay, Marina Bay and Kampong Glam. These locations provide insight and motivate students that amidst the problem of lack of development resources, Singapore is still able to develop and provide excellent service to its citizens.

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