Stretching the 3E Concept of Revitalizing Bozem Krembangan, PWK ITS Champion of Festagama

Tue, 27 Nov 2018
9:47 am
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ITS students won the title of champion in the national level competition. This time the team, named Surabay (Surabaya Krembangan Bay) was able to win first place in the 2018 Gadjah Mada City (Festagama) Festival, a major event for the UGM PWK Student Association. Sunday (13/5).

I am Rivan Aji Wahyu, Rezky Dwi, and Muhammad Fahri Syukri, ITS Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) students who managed to amaze the jury with a concept entitled Surabay (Surabaya Krembangan Bay) Optimizing Bozem Krembangan through a 3E Urban Renewal Approach (Eco People, Eco Economic, Eco Drain).

The proposed 3E concept is planned to be implemented in the Surabaya Bozem Krembangan area to support the area as a tourist area for green open space. According to Rivan’s explanation, the team leader, the background chose the location in Krembangan because Bozem’s condition was of concern, ranging from turbid water to the garbage in Bozem. “The conditions from year to year are getting worse,” said the final year student. This concept applies revitalization to achieve better results. better.

The eco people concept here is intended to create human resources that are skilled in managing and utilizing the Bozem function. “The community has a role in creating a new business field when Bozem’s face is turned into tourism. “This community role reflects eco people,” said the man born in Karanganyar.

With the existence of these jobs, the income level of the population will increase. Because there will be many people from outside the area who visit. “Here, the eco economic value is there,” he added. He also stressed that in making this plan, he still considered the function of Bozem as an area of ​​flood control (eco drain).

In the paper he worked on, Rivan was not half-hearted in analyzing the problems of Bozem Krembangan. Supported from a strong background, detailed concepts, and three methods of analysis at once. The analysis consists of urban analysis of heat island, delphi, and swot, and there is a zoning system. “We also presented a visual video of the concept of Surabay’s plan,” he explained.

Even so, Rivan admitted that he was a little overwhelmed when asked, especially the question of inclusive space. “A little difficulty when answering, but maybe because the jury assesses that the research is quite complete so that our grades are better than other groups,” explained the man from Solo.

Not just stopping at the race, Rivan hoped the results of the research conducted by his team would be input for the City Planning Agency (Bappeko) Surabaya. “Maybe it could be a consideration and recommendation for the future Bozem Krembangan masterplan,” he explained.

At the end of the interview, Rivan shared a few presentation tips. He and the team prepared a neat and unique presentation. Rivan and his group during the presentation used a typical Surabaya blankon as a local identity. “With the appearance of blankon, we received appreciation from the judges and other participants. Only with that little thing can confidence when presentation also increase, “finally.(bel/jel)

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