Improve Understanding of City Issues, PWK ITS Holds International Collaboration with USM

Sun, 27 Jan 2019
2:11 pm
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The International collaboration between the Regional and City Planning Department (PWK), Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya with the School of Housing, Building and Planning (HBP), Universitas Sains Malaysia (USM) was packaged in the form of guest lectures on Tuesday (3/4). )

One representative from each institute was invited to be a speaker at the event. Putu Gde Ariestita ST MT speaker from PWK ITS which carries the theme Urban Design and Planning in Surabaya. While the speaker from USM, Dr. Ismail Isa raised the issue of Place Attachment A Waterfront Development in Malaysia.

In his explanation, Aries as he is familiar with, revealed that the success of managing the city of Surabaya was influenced by existing policies. Because, there are five core policies that have become the focus of Surabaya’s attention at this time, including life insurance in the city of Surabaya, harmonization in the city of multicultural, ease of doing business, decent life and preparation for the future of the city.

Being one of the centers of economic activity in the eastern part of Java, Surabaya is able to increase the income of its people. “It can even be felt by people who are in the periphery because there is a 14% share economy,” he said.

However, this success still cannot overcome a core problem, namely congestion. There is still a lack of public transportation connecting the suburbs with the city center. This is very different from Malaysia which has succeeded in implementing public transportation. “This condition is indeed difficult to handle in Indonesia because basically, Indonesia is a good market for the automotive industry in Japan,” he said.

On the other hand, Ismail highlighted the success of the development of a waterfront city in Malaysia. In its development, it is very important to pay attention to the attachment relationship of the place with the visitor or place attachment.

According to him in building a city not only focused on product planning, but there must be a sense in it.“Basically, humans will have a strong emotional bond to a place,” said one of the USM lecturers.

Place attachment has a big contribution in terms of attractiveness of a place. The experience of going to a place is not only to see his physical condition but also to build perception and psychology.

It is hoped that the sharing of issues that occur in each country will open new insights for PWS ITS students and HBP USM students. In the future, USM also plans to invite PWK lecturers to give guest lectures there. So that strong collaboration is expected between the two. (bel)

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