Guest Lecture “Provides ITS PWK Students About Choice Modeling” – February 2018

Tue, 01 Jan 2019
10:13 am
Guest Lecture
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The guest lecture entitled Revealed and Stated Preference Survey: Data Collection and Analysis took place in Room 305 of City and Regional Planning (PWK), Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Tuesday (2/27). This event aims to educate PWK ITS students to have reliable competency in modeling transportation mode selection.

The enthusiasm of the students present was quite high, especially students who were taking transportation management courses, research methods and final assignments that were relevant to the topic. “In everyday life, humans are faced with various choices,” said Yosritzal ST MT PhD, opening his guest lecture.

According to him, in making a trip it was natural for the law to determine what transportation to use before leaving. These conditions require a variety of things that must be considered, both in terms of time, cost, and quality of service. “That’s what is called choice modeling,” explained the lecturer in Civil Engineering at Andalas University.

Choice modeling is an election modeling method. In this case, modeling is associated with a simplification of reality, so that it can predict something that will happen. There are two approaches that are often used, namely Revealed and Stated Preference. “The majority of practitioners prefer to use stated preference because it can be applied in various fields,” he added.

He added that stated preference itself has three methods to help interpret data. The three methods are, among others, ordering rank, rating scale, and choice. Rank ordering is rarely used, because there are many things to consider. So that only the rating scale and choice method is commonly used by practitioners.

“However, just be aware that these methods will be easier to do through SPSS or Excel software,” he added. Yos was very unfortunate because on this occasion there was no time to practice immediately. Because basically it’s just a guest lecture not a workshop. So it doesn’t feel right if it’s not hands on, he continued.

In this case the actual choice of the preference model to be used can be based on the individual characteristics of the respondents. These characteristics can be obtained through GPS tracking and sensors installed in one’s vehicle. “This is done to reveal the travel behavior of an individual,” he explained. In the future, Siti Nurlaela ST MCom PhD, as the moderator, expects students to be able to adopt the knowledge given to support their studies. (bel)

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