Guest Lecture – Implications for the Development of Regions and Cities in Control of Spatial Use from the Planner’s Point of View, By: Ir. Juniar Ilham, Prd (IAP)

Tue, 01 Jan 2019
9:59 am
Guest Lecture
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Some important points in guest lectures:

1. The importance of the spatial planning process can even be said to be a problem concerning the “Life and Death” of the community

2. Weaknesses of planners in general lack mastery in legislation. On the other hand, planning is a legal-formal process that must always run within the existing regulatory corridor.

3. Profession planners are not only using tools & software to produce plans, but also include various analyzes that are interrelated with each other.

4. Although the planning profession is very important, there are still many female graduates who work outside their fields.

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