A Visit to Two Famous Universities in the Netherlands

Sun, 27 Jan 2019
1:41 pm
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Late last November the Head of the Regional and City Planning Department (PWK) made a reciprocal visit to two well-known universities in the Netherlands namely HZ University and Radboud University. The visit lasted for one week. The activities carried out by Adjie Pamungkas ST MDev Plg PhD are giving guest lectures and research related to water sensitivity.
The topic raised in the guest lecture was the planning system in Indonesia. The man who is familiarly called Adjie also told me that he filled out lectures for S1 and S2 students. In discussing his guest lecture, he also explained issues related to development in developing countries, with case studies mostly taken from Surabaya.
Furthermore, this man who graduated from the S2 Development Planning Program, The University of Queensland, also discussed more deeply about flood risk management. Because, he was indeed making research in that direction. Against the background because the Netherlands is called a country that is quite a leader in water management, he decided to complete his research by discussing with the lecturer there.
This man who received a PhD from RMIT University revealed that there were differences in attitudes shown by students there. Students at the two universities tend to be more active in terms of following up on the material presented. “There was one student who sent me an email to invite further discussion.”, He said in amazement. There are even students there who will continue their studies at PWK ITS.
According to him, it is very rare to find such student characters in Indonesia. In fact, Adjie hopes that every time there is a guest lecture, the student can be more responsive to the speaker by following up. “It is possible that people who come are people who have real experience in the field, so their knowledge can be utilized,” he stressed.
During the visit, this man who was involved in disaster risk management also collaborated with HZ University. Among other things is to provide opportunities for lecturers who want to write proposals there for free for a full month. In addition, the university will open access such as the toll road to PWK students who want to study exchange there.

By: Belia Ega Avila – Regional and City Planning Department

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