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Highlighting Telecommunication Technology, ITS Governor Examines Signal Processing

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Prof Dr Ir Titiek Suryani MT saat memaparkan orasi ilmiahnya yang berjudul Peran Pengolahan Sinyal Komunikasi dalam Perkembangan Teknologi Telekomunikasi Indonesia

Prof Dr Ir Titiek Suryani MT when presenting his scientific oration entitled The Role of Communication Signal Processing in the Development of Indonesian Telecommunication Technology

ITS Campus, ITS News – The increasing need for high speed data communications is spurring the development of telecommunications technology. Highlighting this, the 185th Professor of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Prof Dr Ir Titiek Suryani MT studied the role of communication signal processing in the development of Indonesian telecommunications technology.

Titiek revealed that communication signal processing is needed to make information carrier signals ready to be sent. In sending this signal, there are two important points, namely the frequency spectrum (bandwidth) and power. “These two things must be managed appropriately to face developments in telecommunications technology,” she said.

However, continued Titiek, there are trade-offs in managing these two resources. If power requirements are minimized, bandwidth will be greater, and vice versa. This causes high speed data communications to be susceptible to signal distortion or defects. “Therefore, the role of communication signal processing is very important in order to combine power and bandwidth,” explained the professor from the ITS Department of Electrical Engineering.

Guru besar ke-185 ITS Prof Dr Ir Titiek Suryani MT menjelaskan ilustrasi komunikasi kooperatif

ITS 185th professor Prof Dr Ir Titiek Suryani MT explained an illustration of cooperative communication

The woman born in Surabaya explained that various communication signal processing techniques have developed currently, one of which is the multicarrier transmission technique. This message signal transmission technique uses several special carrier signals. With this technique, the wide bandwidth of high-speed data transmission can be reduced significantly and communication signals are more resistant to frequency interference.

Apart from that, according to Titiek, the large number of cellphone users has the potential for effective communication signal processing. This mother of one explained that when the cellphone is not in use, there are transmitting and receiving devices that are idle. This condition can be used to transmit information back from other nearby users. “This technique is called cooperative communication technique,” said Titiek in a scientific oration at his inauguration as a professor.

With this technique, cellphones that are not in use can work together to transmit information back from one cellphone source. Titiek said that cooperative communication techniques can overcome interference that occurs on one signal path by diverting the signal to another path. “This helps the sustainability of communication services in Indonesia,” she explained.

Ketua Dewan Profesor ITS Prof Dr Ir Imam Robandi MT (kiri) menyerahkan sertifikat pengukuhan kepada Profesor ke-185 ITS Prof Dr Ir Titiek Suryani MT

Chair of the ITS Professorial Council Prof Dr Ir Imam Robandi MT (left) handed over the inauguration certificate to the 185th ITS Professor Prof Dr Ir Titiek Suryani MT

This undergraduate alumnus of the ITS Department of Electrical Engineering said that apart from these two communication signal processing techniques, there are still many other techniques such as machine learning, multiple access techniques, and others. According to him, this communication signal processing technique needs to be combined with technological developments to be able to combine power and bandwidth. “This is to create efficient bandwidth and save power,” said the woman wearing glasses.

Titiek’s research is a gateway to answering the problem of communication service needs in Indonesia. He hopes that increasing the effectiveness of signal processing techniques can bring equal distribution of sustainable communication services throughout the region. “In this way, existing technological developments can be utilized for the common good,” he concluded hopefully. (ITS Public Relation)


Reporter: Aghnia Tias Salsabila

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