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ITS Professor Initiate National Industry with Industrial Cluster Approach

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Prof Dr Ir Sri Gunani Partiwi MT saat memaparkan orasi ilmiah tentang peran pendekatan klaster industri dan sistem dinamika terhadap pengembangan industri nasional

Prof. Dr. Ir Sri Gunani Partiwi MT when presenting a scientific oration on the role of the industrial cluster approach and system dynamics in national industrial development

ITS Campus, ITS News — National industry is currently one of the main drivers for economic progress and development in Indonesia. In order to improve the performance of the domestic industrial sector, the 181st Professor at the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Prof Dr Ir Sri Gunani Partiwi MT implemented the industrial cluster and dynamic system approach as a strategy to form a strong, independent and sustainable national industrial structure.

Through her scientific oration, the woman who is familiarly called Nani said that the industrial sector is currently still unable to process raw materials in Indonesia optimally. This happens because the industrial system being managed is not yet independent and healthy. “There is a need for policy consistency through a dynamic system and strengthening the industrial structure from an industrial cluster approach so that national industry can develop,” he reminded.

The industrial cluster in question is an approach to the geographic concentration of various companies and institutions that are interconnected in a particular sector. This approach is considered effective because each stakeholder involved in the system is an interrelated entity and has the same goal, namely increasing competitiveness in a sustainable manner. “This system, if implemented well, can significantly increase company productivity,” he explained.

This woman born in Semarang emphasized that the industrial cluster approach must be accompanied by the implementation of a dynamic system. In fact, industry is a sector that has variables and attributes that can change at any time depending on the dynamic environment. This dynamic approach will provide innovation in systems science due to specific industrial phenomena with collective industrial clusters and agglomerations in some regional cases.

Prof Dr Ir Sri Gunani Partiwi MT ketika memberikan sambutan di Pameran Ide ITSProvement

Prof Dr Ir Sri Gunani Partiwi MT when giving a speech at the ITS Provement Idea Exhibition

Thanks to the birth of this innovation, the Professor of the ITS Systems and Industrial Engineering Department succeeded in making a real contribution to several Systems and Industrial Engineering sciences established by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE). This knowledge includes operations engineering and management, supply chain management, design and manufacturing management, and systems design and engineering.

Apart from science, this real contribution is also felt directly by several industrial sectors and local government agencies in Indonesia. The systems approach in designing industrial cluster systems is carried out in two stages. First, identify industrial entity entities that have the potential to become industrial cluster stakeholders, which are then depicted in the cluster stakeholder model.

In the final phase, facilitation efforts are needed to initiate and advance industrial clusters. At this stage, an analysis of the supply chain, value chain, and assessment of the added value of the products produced by the relevant industry is carried out. “After the industry grows and develops optimally, it is necessary to design a comprehensive performance measurement system for monitoring,” explained this alumnus of the doctoral program at the Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology, IPB.

Ketua Dewan Profesor ITS Prof Dr Ir Imam Robandi MT (kiri) menyerahkan sertifikat pengukuhan kepada Profesor ke-181 ITS Prof Dr Ir Sri Gunani Partiwi MT

Chair of the ITS Professor Council Prof Dr Ir Imam Robandi MT (left) handed over the inauguration certificate to the 181st ITS Professor Prof Dr Ir Sri Gunani Partiwi MT

In a similar context, Nani hopes for a continuation of the implementation of performance measurement using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. AHP is a method that supports industry in making complex or multi-criteria decisions. “The application of this method is targeted to be in line with the dynamic industrial cluster approach,” he said.

With this innovation contribution, Nani hopes that in the future national industry will be able to form a strong, independent and globally competitive structure. The ITS Director of Human Resources and Organizations (SDMO) also thanked the stakeholders for the support they have provided so far for the research he has carried out. “Hopefully the real contribution that I have made can improve economic, social and environmental aspects in Indonesia,” he concluded hopefully. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Bima Surya Samudra

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