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ITS Governor Develops Hydrogen Storage Materials for EBT Systems

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Prof Suwarno ST MSc PhD dari Departemen Teknik Mesin ITS saat memaparkan orasi ilmiahnya pada pengukuhan sebagai Profesor ke-174 ITS

Prof. Suwarno ST MSc PhD from the ITS Department of Mechanical Engineering when presenting his scientific oration at his inauguration as ITS’s 174th Professor regarding EBT Systems

ITS Campus, ITS News – Nowadays, the issue of using new and renewable energy (EBT) is constantly being raised. However, the problem of storing EBT is still a crucial aspect that has not been studied much. Therefore, the 174th Professor of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Prof. Suwarno ST MSc PhD developed hydrogen and battery EBT storage materials.

In his scientific oration entitled Science and Engineering of Hydrogen Storage Materials for Energy Systems Without Pollution, Suwarno explained that to achieve the NRE concept, an energy system is needed that does not involve the release of carbon in the process. In this case, he added, the potential of hydrogen as an energy vector (energy carrier) is very much needed.

Prof Suwarno ST MSc PhD menjelaskan tentang topik penelitiannya terkait pemanfaatan material hidrogen sebagai EBT

Prof. Suwarno ST MSc PhD explained his research topic related to the use of hydrogen material as EBT

Furthermore, the professor from the ITS Department of Mechanical Engineering revealed that the concept of hydrogen as an energy vector means that hydrogen must be produced by converting it from other energy sources. “In this concept, hydrogen will be electrolyzed from water using solar energy and then stored as an energy source,” he explained.

Suwarno explained that as a source of renewable energy, hydrogen that has been stored can be converted back into electricity using a fuel cell. Not only that, hydrogen can also be used in vehicles directly by burning it using the internal combustion engine (ICE) system. However, apart from the superior potential of this material, Suwarno also regrets that the volumetric density of hydrogen is very low compared to other fuels.

Konsep pemrosesan hidrogen sebagai vektor energi (energy carrier) pada konsep EBT yang dikembangkan oleh Prof Suwarno ST MSc PhD dari ITS

The concept of processing hydrogen as an energy vector (energy carrier) in the EBT concept developed by Prof Suwarno ST MSc PhD from ITS

Because of this, the professor in the field of energy storage materials science initiated a method for storing hydrogen in a denser volume. In this case, hydrogen can react with many metals to form metal hydrides that have a density of up to 150 kilograms H/m3. Metal hydrides can be defined as compounds formed from metal elements bonded with hydrogen.

Continuing his presentation, this 43-year-old professor emphasized that the application of hydrides as hydrogen storage can take advantage of the phenomenon of reversible formation and dissociation reactions of hydrogen. “This is the basis that hydrogen can be applied as a source of renewable energy and a green energy concept in the future,” explained the youngest professor from the ITS Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Prof Suwarno ST MSc PhD (kanan) ketika menerima sertifikat pengukuhan sebagai Profesor ke-174 ITS dari Ketua Dewan Profesor ITS Prof Dr Imam Robandi MT

Prof Suwarno ST MSc PhD (right) when receiving his confirmation certificate as ITS’s 174th Professor from the Chair of the ITS Professorial Council Prof Dr Imam Robandi MT

Ending his oration when he was confirmed as a professor, Suwarno again said that the application of this system had already been implemented in Indonesia. Among these are the use of hydrogen-based vehicles and the application of understanding hydrogen to the integrity of pipeline materials in industry. “Finally, I hope that we can implement this innovation so that it becomes a renewable energy product for Indonesia Net Zero Emission in 2060,” he said optimistically. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Mifda Khoirotul Azma

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