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Monday, December 05, 2022
October 01, 2022 21:10

KKN Abmas ITS Builds PLTS, Helping the mentally retarded Batik Industry

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Anggota tim KKN Abmas ITS bersama Mashuri SSi MT (tengah atas) usai kegiatan hibah alat

Members of the ITS KKN Abmas team with Mashuri SSi MT (top center) after the tool grant activity

ITS Campus, ITS NewsInstitut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) continues to strive to spread benefits through the Real Work Lecture and Community Service (KKN Abmas) program. One of them is by initiating a Solar Power Plant (PLTS) to meet water and electricity needs while empowering mentally retarded communities in Rumah Harapan, Karangpatihan, Ponorogo.

Riza Dwi Febri Saputra, one of the members of the Abmas KKN team, assessed that the installation of PLTS was specifically functioned to assist the production process of splattered batik at Rumah Harapan. In addition, Riza continued, this technology also plays a major role in increasing the availability of clean water in Karangpatihan Village.

Proses pemasangan PLTS di Rumah Harapan, Karangpatihan, Ponorogo

PLTS installation process at Rumah Harapan, Karangpatihan, Ponorogo

In its planning, the Abmas KKN team first analyzed data related to daily electricity use, the minimum and maximum amount of electricity load, to the amount of electrical power installed at Rumah Harapan. “After that, we surveyed the ideal panel installation location by paying attention to solar radiation,” he explained.

Then the selection of tool specifications and the determination of the PLTS system method that will be applied at Rumah Harapan. “We use an on grid system, a system that can work if it is connected to the grid or utility power network (PLN),” said the student from the Electrical Engineering Department.

Furthermore, the technical installation of PLTS equipment consists of two parts. Among them are two units of the Solana Pro MONO-24V-300 type solar module with a unit capacity of 300 Watt-peak and one inverter type ICASolar SNV-GT1023SSC with a unit capacity of 1,100 Watt.

Proses produksi batik ciprat oleh tunagrahita Rumah Harapan menjadi lebih mudah berkat pembangunan PLTS

The process of producing splashed batik by the mentally retarded Rumah Harapan is made easier thanks to the construction of PLTS

For how it works, continued Riza, electricity generated by solar panels will be channeled directly to the load without using batteries. If the load exceeds the amount of power supplied by the panel, the inverter will take electricity from PLN. “On the contrary, if the electricity generated by the solar panels exceeds the load used, the electricity will go to PLN,” he explained.

In addition to the installation of PLTS, the KKN Abmas team also carried out a series of other service activities. Among them are liquid organic fertilizer training for local farmers, teaching activities in PAUD and TK Karangpatihan, procurement of clean Friday programs, assisting Posyandu activities, and social services. “The local residents welcomed us very well, especially when the equipment was donated, they said they were very happy,” explained the young man who was born in Ponorogo, February 10, 2002.

Proses perakitan komponen PLTS oleh anggota tim KKN Abmas ITS

The process of assembling PV mini-grid components by members of the KKN Abmas ITS team

Riza hopes that the PLTS that has been granted can be used as best as possible by mentally retarded people and help facilitate the activities of the surrounding community. “Hopefully the people of Karangpatihan Village will become more technologically literate, so that their welfare will increase and their economy can be helped,” he concluded. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Erchi Ad’ha Loyensya

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