Yoe One: Bangga menari Remo di hadapan delegasi ICAST di Manila, Filipina

Fri, 30 Nov 2018
1:16 am
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Yoe One, one of the Information Technology Management students, shared her experience while conducting an excursion study (SE) and scientific conference in the Philippines to the editor of Media Technology Management.

Can you briefly describe this SE activity?

SE destination country is Manila, Philippines. SE this time is to visit two campuses in Manila, namely De La Salle University (DLSU) and Ateneo University to learn how the curriculum is implemented there, campus tours, learn technological developments applied to education, discuss opportunities for cooperation and exchange students, even take classes with the campus students. We also attended the 13th International Student Conference on Advanced Science and Technology (ICAST).


Figure 1 SE visit on the first day at DLSU Manila

How long does the activity last?

Our total trip from departing to returning to Surabaya was 7 days which was divided into trips and active days were in Manila, Philippines (visits to two different campuses and participating in ICAST conference activities).

Who are the campus representatives from the Phillipines who accompany you in campus visit?

On a campus visit, we met with Mr. Reynaldo A. Bautista, Assistant Dean for External Affairs and Lasallian Mission along with several lecturers and staff from DLSU and Dr. Kardi Teknomo, a lecturer at Ateneo University. In ICAST activities, we met many new people such as lecturers, students from other campuses from various countries, to Indonesian students who also studied at campuses abroad who came to attend the conference and some were even active on the event committee.

Figure 2 With Mr. Reynaldo, lecturer and staff on the first visit to DLSU


Figure 3 With Dr. Kardi Teknomo on his second campus visit at Ateneo University

Who also participated in this activity?

Considering that SE is no longer a mandatory requirement for MMT students to be followed, only 7 students, all of whom from the Information Technology Management (MTI). While of the seven students who took the SE, only I (Yoe One, red) was also registered as an ICAST conference participant and presented research that I also used for a thesis where my supervisor (Dr. Hari Ginardi).

Can you tell the experience of attending ICAST?

The conference we attended was the 13th ICAST at Henry Sy Sr. DLSU 5th floor hall. There were actually 3 student representatives participating in this conference, unfortunately 2 other teams were unable to attend so there was only one team, my team. The title of our paper is Development Strategy of Library Software Systems using CMMI-DEV.

Figure 4 MMT Students attending the first day ICAST conference at DLSU

Can you tell us how come you were able to perform the Remo Dance in ICAST?

Initially the ICAST conference organizers contacted participants from Indonesia who would come to the event to give a special performance at the Welcome Dinner session. I consulted with Mr. Hari to ask permission to display traditional dance which can also introduce Indonesian culture. Because he agreed, so I confirmed to the committee. My colleague also helped me to dress up and wear a Remo Dance costume.


Figure 5 When attending a Welcome Dinner and performing Remo Dance


Figure 6 Yoe One, who performed Remo Dance, at the ICAST 2018 Welcome Dinner in Manila, Philippines

What knowledge can be gained from this SE and ICAST activity?

I am sure, we all had an amazing experience on this SE trip. Moreover, the aim is also more towards education because visiting several campuses that made us get a glimpse of higher education in Manila and the technology included in the curriculum to produce outstanding young people. In addition, I also made new friends from various campuses who were also present at the ICAST conference and from the two campuses we visited.

This trip personally made me even more excited and motivated to complete my master’s degree at MMT-ITS as well as possible. Completing education and becoming a person who actively participates and contributes to the nation and the motherland, especially the development of education in tertiary institutions.

Did anything interesting happen during this activity?

Of course there is, for me as a student who comes for conferences and also SE participants is not easy. On the 4th day, during a visit to Ateneo University, I had to volunteer to not take a campus tour because I had to go back to the ICAST event location at DLSU which was also quite far away which took 1 hour (walking and taking the LRT train). I was in a hurry because I was worried about being late, luckily I arrived at DLSU exactly about 10 minutes before my name was called for presentation. Despite my exhaustion, I’m grateful that my presentation went very smoothly.


Figure 7 Yoe One after completing the presentation and getting a certificate of contribution as an ICAST 2018 participant








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