Outbound 2018: Bonding Each Others

Mon, 13 Aug 2018
11:50 am
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Department of Technology Management held outbound activities for the new student, namely Team Building and Self Development Outbound (11-12/8) which is located at Beverly Hills Resort, Trawas, Mojokerto. A total of 125 new MMT year students 2018/2019 follow the two-day event.

Through Team Building and Self Development, MMT ITS want to accommodate the diverse background of new students by creating an activity to attach bonding between students.

MMT ITS provides two schemes, namely professional classes and executive classes. Where the executive class is for the students who only have time on weekends. While regular classes for students who are studying on weekdays.

“Because of this class difference, the students often do not know each other. Therefore with this activity, of course, we do not want the students just come, learn, and then return without socializing, “said Prof Dr I Nyoman Pujawan MEng, PhD, Head of the Department of MMT, in his speech.

“MMT ITS department is very unique. Most of the students are a worker. The opportunity to meet each other is rare. Thus, we initiated to hold activities that can increase their socio-cohesiveness,” continued the lecturer of the Department of Industry.

With the team from Visioner Outbound Sidoarjo, this event will be filled with various activities. Among them are morning exercises, tracking to paddy fields, and various play-laden games. The objectives of training is to enhance cohesiveness, motivation after the session, the participants were assigned to form a team before outbound. (SAA/gels)

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