MMT students become the founder of mapping applications for student talent

Fri, 28 Sep 2018
12:53 pm
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As many as 87 percent of students in Indonesia often feel they are wrong in taking majors, thus underlying the frequent occurrence of dropping out and moving majors many times. Referring to these problems, the Surabaya Institute of Technology (MMS) Master of Management and Technology (MMT) student of Surabaya created an online application called Aku Pintar which is able to recognize individual potential, so that their interests and talents can be accurately mapped.

Is Lutvianto Pebri Handoko who is the founder of Aku Pintar. According to Pebri, as he is familiar, today the problem of misdirected mathematics is quite complicated. He admitted that he often complained about the incompatibility of majors or even worked but was not in accordance with his family of knowledge. Therefore, through this platform he wants to help save these millennial generations to be more planned and ready to take the next step.

As one of the victims who experienced departmental dilemmas, the man from Magetan sought to make me Smart well integrated between education and social media. He wants to change the perceptions of some people about the negative impact of social media. “This I Pintar application platform answers by presenting a variety of creative learning features,” said Pebri.

He also revealed that currently the application is the only application in Indonesia that can combine talent interest tests with learning, so that students become more focused. Based on his observations, so far there have been many tests of interest in similar talents, but they emphasize quality. “Here (our application is Smart, red) we have a quantity side, the point is this application is more complete and we really dedicate it to high school and even junior high school kids,” he added.

In general, according to Pebri, the Aku Pintar application has three excellent features, namely smart interest, smart learning and smart campus. With each feature integrated with each other and can be accessed for free by Indonesian students.
In smart interests, later there will be personality tests and majors. The results will raise the probabilities of the suitability of the department and the work environment of the user based on the results of the test. After that, there is also a campus recommendation that matches his interests. “Currently we have pocketed a database of 1,300 campuses throughout Indonesia and next month it will increase to 2,000 campuses,” said the man who used to be an activist at ITS.

Another feature that supports smart interest features is smart learning. The features are presented in various types of material, questions, quizzes, and try outs starting from class X to XII both science and social studies. This feature also provides an interaction column between one participant and another participant. “If they don’t understand the answer, they can ask through the comments column and can be answered by other participants, making it more interactive and not one-way,” explained the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aku Pintar.

Users of this application are also spoiled with smart campus features. As the name implies, this feature is more about campus information. The reason for providing this feature is because Pebri and his team consider that high school students still lack knowledge about the campuses in Indonesia. “They will be helped to get campus information because this feature is almost the same as the mini series of each campus web,” he said.

Asked about the accuracy of the results of his analysis, he admitted that so far it could be said that it had reached 90-95 percent. “We are still continuing to carry out research and improvements in this matter with our psychologist,” I alumni of the ITS Chemical Engineering.

The idea that has been pioneered since the end of his undergraduate years has produced sweet results. In the future, he hopes to be able to form an educational ecosystem in one space, I Smart. “The key to success that I hold is to remain calm in every condition in order to be able to clearly analyze the problem from various sides,” he said. (bell / ITS HUMAS)



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