MMT-ITS and John Robert Powers hold workshop for MMT’s lecturers and staffs

Mon, 28 Oct 2019
9:06 pm
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The MMT-ITS annual agenda to provide training to staff to improve service quality was held again today (28/10). Entitled “Professionalism in the Workplace”, this training took place differently from previous activities. This time the seminar participants were not only staff from MMT, FBMT, and MB ITS, but also lecturers who taught at MMT, both ITS home base lecturers and ITS home base lecturers and practitioners’ lecturers.

As many as 40 participants received material about adaptation and impact in the world of work delivered by Henny Fransisca as a trainer from John Robert Powers. Participants were reminded about work motivation and tips on how to become a personal impact needed at work.

This event is very useful so that MMT-ITS always tries to provide the best service to its stakeholders. With the capacity of lecturer and staff hard skills and soft skills that are continuously honed, the quality of MMT-ITS will continue to improve. (aha/gwb)

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