Business Analytics Program has been opened in Department of Technology Management

Thu, 25 Oct 2018
8:29 am
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The Management of ITS and the speakers


MMT-ITS opened a new area of expertise, Business Analytic, Thursday (25/10), at ITS Tjokroaminoto Campus. In order to support the opening of the new expertise, MMT ITS also conducts a seminar entitled Business Analytics; A New Source of Competitive Advantage. This seminar on business analytics is aimed to initiate new knowledge as it opens the field of Business Analytical skills at MMT ITS.

Head of Department of Technology Management, Prof Ir I Nyoman Pujawan MEng PhD said,
The field of Business Analytics is chosen due to the large market demand. However, there are not many colleges that open this enthusiasm. No doubt, in Indonesia, he said, MMT ITS became the first to open this area of expertise.

The man who is usually called Nyoman also said, the presence of this Business Analytic complements the existing field of expertise in the IT Department of ITS accredited IT Management. These include, among others, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Maritime Business Management, Information Technology Management, and Industrial Management. “The coincidence of our new student registration is open today,” he said.

Nyoman also said many activities related to data analysis in the world of work. One is, in the case of helping the company make the best decisions. He exemplifies, to take a price benchmark for an item, for example, a large amount of data and a complicated processing process. “Examples are dynamic pricing, which is one of the applications of analytics data to maximize business revenues,” he explained.

Therefore, he continued, MMT ITS quickly responded to this phenomenon by opening new areas of expertise that his lectures will begin in early 2019. Registration is open until November 30, 2018. As for the entry selection test will be held on December 08, 2018 and the selection will be announced on December 15, 2018. “It is arguably one of the most important professions and in sexy quotation marks, filled with smart young people,” said the doctoral graduate of Lancaster University of England.

According to Nyoman, if only playing algorithms and processing data alone is not enough. But there must be the ability to transform the data into a business. He re-exemplifies, in the Bukalapak platform, for example, there are more than 1.6 million data. That is, the data that the company has to take care of is so great. “There is structured data and no, there is good and no, depending on how to maximize it,” he said.


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