Admission Announcement for Student Term Odd Semester 2020/2021 (Fresh Graduate Scholarship)

Fri, 28 Aug 2020
10:40 pm
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The following is the announcement of the selection of new student admissions for the Master of Technology Management (MMT) and Doctor of Technology Management (DMT) program at the ITS Technology Management Department for the Odd Semester 2020/2021.

Announcement for Regular DMT and MMT students can be seen at following document:

SK Calon Maba_Gasal 2020_Gelombang 2_Fix


For Fresh Graduate and Fast Track Scholarship Recipients MMT Students, please see the following announcement

SK Calon Maba_Gasal 2020_FGB-FT-Kerjasama -SendInst (TTD)



For those who accepted, we would like to welcome you to our department as master or doctoral students.





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