Master of Technology Management


The MMT-ITS Study Program is a master program under the management of the Department of Technology Management, Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business. The curriculum structure is divided into 7 concentrations of areas of expertise, namely Industrial Management, Project Management, Information Technology Management, Maritime Business Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, and Innovative Design Management. The last three fields of expertise were only opened in the even semester of 2018/2019 and odd semester of 2020/2021, which are the answers to the needs of the workforce due to the rapid development of business today.


The curriculum structure for all areas of expertise is more or less the same, namely:


  1. Foundation lectures which teach students basic techniques for quantitative analysis such as statistics and decision-making techniques.
  2. Functional Management courses covering marketing management, financial management, and human resource management.
  3. Special Management Courses that provide students with insight into technological developments such as Information Technology Management, Technology Management and Innovation, Project Management, Strategic Management, and Business Ethics. 
  4. Expertise courses that are unique to the field of expertise offered.
  5. Research whose aim is to produce a thesis that aims to hone student skills to solve a problem with a scientific approach and the ability to communicate the work both in writing and orally.


With a course structure like this, MMT ITS has a uniqueness that does not exist in other MM programs in Indonesia. Some courses are not often found in other MM programs, such as:


  • Information Technology Management which is one that is emphasized at ITS considering that ITS is a technology campus so that it is expected that all ITS graduates, including MMT, have knowledge of the development of information technology.
  • Project Management which is of course nowadays is very important considering all organizations are dealing with projects. The projects referred to here are not only construction projects, but also development projects and new product launches, improvement projects, information technology implementation projects, new business development projects, etc.
  • Analysis and Decision Systems that will provide the basics for structuring and modeling decision problems so that for complex decision problems, students have a more systematic method to solve them.


In addition to these specialties, the fields of expertise offered by MMT ITS are also quite different from other MM programs in Indonesia. Two newly launched fields have brought MMT ITS increasingly distinctive with its focus on preparing professional HR who are able to make decisions in today’s rapidly growing business world. Please see the respective fields of expertise to find out more about the details of each of these fields.

Business Leaders with Strong Analytical Skills

MT ITS produces business leaders who have strong analytical abilities. To be competitive, businesses today must be led by people who have a vision, have strong managerial skills, and are able to make decisions based on information processed from data. MT ITS alumni are different from others in their analytical abilities so they can make the right decisions.

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