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March 30, 2020 08:03

Guidelines for Management E-Learning Courses and Quality Assurance for E-Learning Courses

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In accordance with Minister of Education and Culture Regulation Number 7 Year
2020, concerning the Establishment, Change, Dissolution of State Universities, and
Establishment, Amendment, Revocation of Permit for Private Higher Education, which is therein
regulates the Implementation of Distance Education (PJJ) in the form
lectures, as well as with the Minister of Education and Culture Circular
Number 36963 / MPK.A / HK / 2020 concerning “online learning and work
from Home in Order to Prevent Corona Virus Disease (COVID19) “.

The ITS Chancellor also issued a circular Number
T / 21018 / TU.00.08 / 2020, regarding precautions for the spread of COVID-19 in
ITS environment.
By considering the quality of implementing online learning, then
required quality assurance in the implementation of MK e learning at ITS. Following
this is a brief guide as a “tip” for the implementation of MK learning
using electronic media, or what we know as e-learning.

Hopefully useful, and happy working at home.

Document 1.

Document 2.

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