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April 18, 2022 08:04

Convert International Accreditation to LAMSAMA Updated

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UPPS/Study Programs that have received international accreditation can apply for conversion to LAMSAMA. Accreditation agencies that provide accreditation and can be converted are those that are included in the list of the Director General of Higher Education (DECREE OF THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION AND CULTURE NUMBER 83/P/2021 CONCERNING INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION INSTITUTIONS).

The procedure for submitting an accreditation conversion is as follows:

(a) Accreditation certificate,

(b) Complete accreditation report,

(c) Feedback on accreditation results,

(d) UPPS/Study Program response to feedback on accreditation results.

(e) Supplement to the LAMSAMA scientific field (according to the LAMSAMA format),

(f) Pay the accreditation conversion fee

LAMSAMA will process the application no later than 1 month after receiving all complete documents. UPPS/Study Programs send an application letter to LAMSAMA via email to accreditation@lamsama.or.id and sekretariat@lamsama.or.id

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