Students and graduates of the FIA ​​ITS Chemistry Department have good career prospects. Based on a survey released in 2016 by SAC ITS, the average mass waiting for graduates (students completing their mass is exactly 8 semesters) is 3.96 months. Meanwhile, for graduates who are not on time (graduating> 8 semesters), the waiting period is relatively short at 6.00 months. This means that, chemical graduates do not need to wait too long to work after graduation. In fact, not infrequently also prospective graduates have been accepted to work before attending the graduation. So, you don’t need to be bothered for a long time if you are asked “what work now?” After graduating, if you join the chemistry department of ITS

No worries! The first salary for the average graduate of chemistry is 4.14 million with 54.24% of graduates working in national companies and 23.73% in multinational companies. The rest, local companies. By looking at the distribution of the scale of the existing company / work agency, the first salary of a chemical graduate is quite high. Of course this value is the average value of all scale companies. If you work in a multinational company, it certainly has a higher potential. The graduates don’t worry about salary range is above UMR in java.

The survey conducted at the 2011 Chemistry graduates showed that 59.32% of graduates worked in institutions / companies that were in accordance with the field of chemistry. If respondents are extended to chemical alumni in general, more graduates have jobs that are suitable for their chemical background. Still there is something that isn’t right? Yup, right! But this does not mean that ITS chemistry graduates lose competition in chemistry with other campus chemistry graduates. The percentage of suitable jobs shows that ITS Chemistry graduates are very capable of competing with the overflow from other campuses. Which is not appropriate, it actually means that graduates of chemistry can also be accepted in all circles. Even outside the chemical field! Isn’t that cool ?!

Many! Chemical graduates work in various fields. However, the top three fields are dominated by the manufacturing industry sector (35.38%), professional, scientific and technical services sector (10.77%) and the financial and insurance sectors (10.77%). So, sort of, quality control (QC), research and Development (R & D) and production in factories / industries / research institutions etc. are classified into two sectors at the beginning. It’s natural … #chemicalITS gotu loh. Then the financial and insurance sectors, how come? Of course you can, during college, chemistry graduates are taught to always think analytically and thoroughly, so of course you are already accustomed to the needs of financial and insurance services that need to be analytical and thorough too.

Do you know what users mean? Graduate users are those who employ chemical graduates. That is, when a graduate works in a company, for example as QC, of ​​course he has a boss, whether supervisor, head of the laboratory, etc. The boss represents the users of graduates, because they know firsthand the performance of graduates of ITS Chemistry. Then, what is the user’s evaluation? “Great job !, Excellent!” You could say that, hehe. Based on the graduate performance survey, user satisfaction reached above 75% (100% most satisfied). The fields assessed include work ability, knowledge, managerial skills, attitudes and abilities of information technology. Even the satisfaction of the attitude and governance values ​​above 90%! That is, besides being qualified in the field of hardskill (expertise), chemical graduates are also good in their personality. Hmm … it was proven right, that during the course in Chemistry ITS successfully formed the ability and character of the graduates to be cool!

In addition, there are some testimonials from ITS Chemistry graduates. Please read to know “how do you study at ITS chemistry?

Studying Chemistry at ITS Surabaya, at least brings two benefits in my life and work. The first, its chemistry, is also a management philosophy for many business developments. The field where I am a consultant to many companies now. Second, the science of life, where I learned so much from there even now, directly became my main capital in developing my own business.

Aditya, S.Si, CH, CHt

1992 class

Founder of Phoenix Consultancy; Co-Founder of Outbound & Training Specialists

Studying at the Chemistry Department is very helpful for me in supporting my work, even though now my work is not directly related to chemistry, but the way to think in detail, carefully, accurately while attending college is very helpful in daily work

Ahmad Jamil


HRGA Department Head, PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. Plant Cirebon

One of the highlights is that the learning environment in the department is very helpful. Lecturers who not only guide and provide skill technics. But also motivation and sharing experiences that we can apply after graduating. I also got a lot of help from student activities in the department. Many learning in student organizations that we can make as the initial capital to be more sharpened when entering the world of work

Riyan Nazarudin Primy

Class of 2008 (C-26)

Retail Engagement Supervisor

PT. HM. Sampoerna. Tbk