The ISoC (International Seminar on Chemistry) is a biennial international seminar organized by Departement of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Indonesia. The ISoC IV is a continuation of the ISoC III which has been held since 2014 with purpose to promote and develop science and technology in chemistry. ISoC will be a scientific meeting for students, researchers, educators, observers and practitioners from university, research institutions, industry, and the general public to share their ideas in chemistry development. This Seminar designed to bring experts as well as students together from a different field in chemistry to stimulate the formation of new networks and collaborations. We invite participants from around the world to get involved and present their current research both in oral or poster presentations. This year, ISOC IV’s theme is “Hold The World with Chemistry”. Today, the world faces many challenges, from climate change, water shortages, and natural resource scarcity, to providing healthcare for an aging population. Chemistry discoveries have been a key enabler of the world we live in. Chemistry forms the ground for modern life, technology, agriculture, pharmacy, and provides the basic materials for any other producing industries. More efficient use of energy, new functional materials, or developments in nanotechnology is indispensably bound to the creative and innovative work of today’s chemists. So in this seminar we invite all scientists around the world to share about their research especially in chemistry field to face the challenges of the world.

Seminar Nasional Kimia (SENAKI) is the national seminar that has been organized by chemistry deprtment every yer since 1999. in 2014, SENAKI was not held anymore and was replaced by the International on Chemistry, (ISoC). Since 2017 ini, chemistry depratment organized again the SENAKI.

Update August 02, 2018
ear ISoC Presenters

(This information is aimed to the ISoC Presenters who will publish their fullpaper in AIP Proceeding. For presenters who will not publish their paper or who will published in HAYATI Journal, please ignore this information.)

We would like to remind you that the revised version of fullpaper should be submitted by August 17, 2018 via the SUBMISSION LINK. The submission other than the submission link will not be proceed.

Please be noticed that:
1. The fullpaper must be prepared according to ISOC Template.
2. The file of fullpaper must be in word file (.doc or .docx).
3. The file should be named as follow: ID Paper_Name of Presenter_Institution for example: 1289_Cahya Dirga Utama_ITS
4. The presenter should fill the forms completely.
5. After submission, the authors would be get automatic notification email from system.
6. In case there is one presenter that submit for more than one titles (for example the one presenters with two accepted articles), the presenters should submit the each fullpaper separately.
7. Please contact the committee for any questions.

Additional information:
1. Please prepare your presentation file according to the provided time.
2. The presentation file should be submitted to the committee during the registration or prior to the parallel session in the provided site. The presentation file should be named: ID Paper_Name_Room x for Example: 1301_Johana Margareta_Room 8
3. For Poster Presentation, please prepare your Poster in A0 size. There is not strict regulation related to the content of the poster. The Poster should be submitted to the committee during registration. Please indicate your ID Paper in your poster.

Additional information

  1. Please prepare your paper according to the ISoC template and submit to the committee via online based on the guideline by June 8, 2018. The paper template and the guideline can be found in
  2. The official Letter of Acceptance will be sent to the participant by email soon (within next week). Please check your spam if you have not received the LoA.
  3. The schedule of presentation will be informed later in ISoC website and direct email to the participant
  4. The early bird registration is extended up to May 18, 2018. The amount of registration fee id depend on the presenter status. Please visit for further information
  5. Due to several considerations, the venue of ISoC 2018 is moved to Sheraton Hotel Surabaya. Please visit for detail information.

The 3rd International Seminar on Chemistry (ISoC III) will be held on July 18-19, 2018 in Surabaya, Indonesia.

The ISoC III is a continuation of the ISoC II which has been held since 2014 with purpose to promote and develop science and technology in chemistry. The ISoC itself is continuation of the National Seminar on Chemistry (SENAKI) which has been held every year since 1999. ISoC is a forum for students, researchers , educators , observers and practitioners from university, research institutions, industry and general public to exchange ideas and latest information in the field of chemistry and its application. This year, ISOC III is held along with congress of Indonesian Chemical Society for establishment of Inorganic Division (HKI Divisi Anorganik) and Congress of Organization for Woman in Science for The Developing World (OWSD)-Indonesian Chapter. We invites participants from around the world to get involved and present their current research both in oral or poster presentation. Both congress are scheduled on the secodn day of the seminar, July 19, 2018 (tentative).

The theme for the ISoC III is “Green Chemistry and its Role for Sustainability”. Topics of interest for submission include (but are not limited to):

  1. Environmental chemistry
  2. Material chemistry
  3. Energy
  4. Food chemistry
  5. Medicinal chemistry
  6. Biotechnology
  7. Catalyst and catalysis
  8. Ceramics chemistry
  9. Chemical reaction engineering
  10. Educational chemistry
  11. Biochemistry
  12. Analytical chemistry
  13. Inorganic chemistry
  14. Physical chemistry
  15. Organic chemistry.

Other field in chemistry in chemistry related topics are also welcomed.

Selected papers of the presented papers will be published on AIP proceeding or HAYATI Journal of Biosciences (both are indexed by Scopus), the rest will be published in IPTEK proceeding.