Instrumentation and Analytical Science Laboratory

Instrumentation and Analytical Science Laboratory

Instrumentation and Analytic Science
Methods of analysis and processing and utilization of waste into other materials


  1. Heavy metal recovery with electrochemical methods.
  2. Waste processing and brackish / sea water are useful products (raw materials and by-products).
  3. Preparation of environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors
  4. Reactor design for conversion of plastic waste and use of catalysts
  5. Application of plastic conversion results
  6. Straight chain hydrocarbon conversion
  7. Preparation of halal capsules from marine biota shells and unproductive plants 

Alternative Energy

  1. Preparation of solar cells (DSSC type)
  2. Optimization of Solar Cells uses gold nanoparticles
  3. Biosolar production from nyamplung and used cooking oil
  4. Biopremium manufacture and development
  5. Synthesis of nanoparticles as raw material for solar cells
  6. Battery making
  7. Reactor design for waste conversion
  8. Application of plastic waste conversion applications
  9. Straight hydrocarbon conversion

Chemo and Biosensor

  1. Marker of various types of sensors for heavy metal analysis
  2. Preparation of various types of sensors for analysis on food ingredients and traditional medicine
  3. Nanoparticle cystensis as a sensor active material

Electroanalytical Chemistry

  1. Development of sugar analysis methods in the sugarcane industry
  2. Development of rapid blood type analysis methods
  3. Development of AI’s fast quality method
  4. Monitoring and prevention of ferrous and nonferrous material corrosion
  5. Halal food sensor manufacturing.
  6. Detection of pig gelatin

Spectrometric Analysis

  1. Development of Heavy Metal Analysis Methods

Dra. Ita Ulfin, M.Si.

  • Dra. Harmami, M.S.
  • Dr. Hendro Juwono, M.Si.
  • Suprapto, M.Si., Ph.D.
  • Drs. R. Djarot S.K.S., M.S.
  • Dr.rer.nat. Fredy Kurniawan, M.Si.,
  • Dr. Yatim Lailun Ni’mah, M.Si.