Interior Design Student Council


The Department of Interior Design Student Council as a driver for the development of interests, aspirations and creativity, as well as forming Interior Design students who are thinking maturity, upholds the value of family, in an effort to build collegial relations, and provide the best Dharma Bakti for Indonesia.


  1. Fostering family and togetherness among Department of Interior Design students based on the principles of openness and mutual respect.
  2. Providing a platform to channel citizens’s aspirations for care, sensitivity and critical awareness in realizing dynamic interaction.
  3. Develop the potential of Department of Interior Design students in terms of creativity, science and culture.
  4. Instill and develop leadership and organizational attitudes of Department of Interior Design students.
  5. Fostering a creative climate within the Student Council of Department of Interior Design environment to improve professional competitiveness.

Organizational Structure

Student Council Activities

Various activities organized by the Interior Design Student Council aim to make students able to become people who have more value with their soft skills. Soft skills such as leadership skills, self management, event management to communication skills. The activities carried out by the Association are funded by Department, IKOMA, sponsors and so on.

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