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Information Center on Academic Activities in the Interior Design Department

The academic curriculum in the Interior Design Department focuses on:

  1. Basic Knowledge
  2. Interior Human Environment Needs
  3. Professional and Practice
  4. Communication

With these four focus points, the courses in the Interior Design Department are divided into three types of subjects, namely:

  1. Interior design expertise courses (interior design studio courses and other supporting studios)
  2. Managerial and communication courses (theoretical and scientific knowledge courses in interior design)
  3. Supporting course

The three types of courses are developed by combining learning systems Student Center Learning (SCL) with the model course system Laboratorium Base Education (LBE).

This combination gave birth to a studio system that was carried out with a comprehensive and comprehensive mentoring guide. Furthermore, the design object and subject of discussion in the lecture also uses existing real objects. The result of a combination of studio systems and learning models will make the capabilities and final results of interior design complete, attractive and answer the challenges that exist in interior design projects faced by students.


  1. The longest study period for Bachelor students is 14 semesters.
  2. Student evaluation is conducted at the end of semester two and four.
  3. Students are allowed to continue their studies if: a) At the end of the second semester, graduating 18 credits from 36 credits that have been taken in the preparation stage gets an GPA ≥ 2.0. b) At the end of the fourth semester, the entire preparation stage (36 credits) has taken an GPA ≥ 2.0 without D and E.
  4. Students who are inactive for 2 consecutive semesters are considered resigning.


  1. Students are permitted to apply for study leave after attending at least the first two semesters, except being sick and hospitalized or pregnant is permitted to apply for leave even though the first semester.
  2. Leave is given at most 4 semesters during study at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember.
  3. Each leave can be given as many as 2 consecutive semesters.
  4. Request leave must be submitted to the Rector at the time of re-registration and no later than 4 weeks after the semester begins, except for students who are sick and hospitalized or pregnant. Requests must be accompanied by supporting documents approved by academic advisors, head of department and deans.
  5. Students who get permission to leave are required to pay administrative fees in accordance with applicable regulations.
  6. Leave submitted by students who are sick and hospitalized or pregnant after the semester has been running for four weeks or more, the tuition fees paid are irrevocable.


Graduation Requirements:

Students are declared to have passed if they have successfully completed the entire study load of 144 credits including the final assignment and have learning outcomes targeted by the study program without the D and E grades; and fulfill the minimum value requirements of one of the Foreign Languages ​​477 and SKEM 1300. And upload 1 (one) final assignment-based scientific article on the official portal of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember.

Predicate of Graduation:

*) Minimal Value BC


Students are declared to have stopped studying or dismissed if:

  1. Resign at your own request;
  2. Not re-registering 2 semesters in a row;
  3. Study period is up;
  4. Violating ITS regulations.

Stop study is determined through the Rector’s Decree

Full version of academic regulations can be downloaded here.

Curriculum in Department of Interior Design can be downloaded here

For a more comprehensive list of course syllabus for the Interior Design Department, please refer to the following page.

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