Students Organizations


Making HIMATEKINS ITS as a student and professional organization to increase the potential of
Instrumentation Engineering Students to have global capabilities and bring usefulness to Departments,
Almamater, Nation and State through higher education based on Pancasila.


  1. Increasing faith and devotion to God Almighty.
  2. Developing potential, independent, creative, professional, skilled, competent, with high integrity and
    cultured for the benefit of the nation.
  3. Building leadership, organizational attitudes and developing skills in managerial and scientific fields.
  4. Pioneering the development of science and technology based on Instrumentation Techniques
    responsibly through the implementation of the Tridharma of University.
  5. Acting actively, innovatively, responsive, competitive and cooperative in the world of student affairs
    to solve social problems by paying attention to and applying the values ​​of humanities.

Organization Structure