Mon, 21 Mar 2022
1:52 pm
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In 2020, the Merdeka Learning Program – Merdeka Campus was officially launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Nadiem Anwar Makarim). The program aims to prepare students to welcome changes in social, cultural, work ethic, and rapid technological advances. Thus, there is a need to strengthen student competence by experiencing real case studies.

This MBKM program uses a student-centered learning approach. In the MBKM program, students get opportunities and challenges to manage creativity, innovation, and personality. Students can also search for and find real problems, social interactions, performance demands, and targets in the post-campus world. In addition, the MBKM activities can be transferred into relevant courses of their study programs (up to 20 sks).

The Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, especially in Informatics Engineering, responded well to the presence of the MBKM program. The Department of Informatics initiated a task force team that plays a role in managing the MBKM program. This task force plays a vital role in providing consultation before students participate in the MBKM program, monitoring and evaluating during the program, and converting grades into relevant courses at the end of the MBKM program. The role of this task force is crucial in synergizing the curriculum of study programs and MBKM activities where students participate.

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