Student Exchange

Mon, 30 Jan 2023
8:16 am
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Studying abroad is certainly something many people dream of. We are very grateful for the opportunity to study abroad in Korea. Of the many programs provided by ITS, we chose Student Exchange because the duration was not that long. By participating in this program we can practice our language skills, get new acquaintances both from Indonesia and other countries. When we arrived here, it turned out that quite a lot of Indonesians were continuing their studies at our campus doing SE, they welcomed us very warmly here. The campus we visited was named Kumoh National Institute of Technology in Gumi city. Even though it is quite foreign, we are very happy to be able to join and study here. We got a lot of interesting experiences here, one of which is that we got each companion from Korea where we can share anything with them. Another thing is that they often invite us to explore interesting things in this country. We are very grateful for being able to take part in this program.

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