Program Learning Outcome

Department of Informatics have program learning outcome as follows :

  1. Able to design and develop applications by applying the principles of intelligent systems and computational science to produce applications in various fields.
  2. Able to apply network architecture concepts and network-based computing principles with high performance and security.
  3. Able to design and develop software with good quality both technically and managerially using the principles of software engineering processes.
  4. Able to design, model, and develop applications using computer graphics and human and computer interaction principles.
  5. Able to solve computational problems and mathematical modeling through exact, numerical, and probabilistic approaches effectively and efficiently.
  6. Able to design and implement methods to manage data and information in various formats.
  7. Able to design and apply algorithms in programming to solve computational problems effectively and efficiently.
  8. Able to show attitude: religious, disciplined, responsible, upholding human values, mutual respect, and law-abiding in the life of society, nation and state based on Pancasila (The Five Principles) values.
  9. Able to work and communicate effectively both individually and in groups.
  10. Able to understand and apply science in the context of information technology-based entrepreneurship in his expertise based on scientific principles, procedures, and ethics to produce solutions, ideas, designs, or art criticisms to be able to compete at national and international levels.