Program Learning Outcome

We expect our students to work and compete in national and global professions and pursue higher education. The MIP expects a student to be: :

  1. Able to improve intelligent system concepts and computational science to produce intelligent applications in various scientific fields and disciplines.
  2. Able to improve network architecture concepts and network-based computing principles with high performance and security.
  3. Able to analyze and improve software with good quality both technically and managerial by using software engineering processes principles.
  4. Able to model and improve computer graphics principles as well as human and computer interactions in software development.
  5. Able to analyze and improve computational problem solving through modeling with exact, numerical, and probabilistic approaches effectively and efficiently.
  6. Able to improve methods for managing data and information in various forms.
  7. Internalize values, norms, and academic ethics and demonstrate an independent attitude of responsibility for work in their field of expertise.
  8. Able to work and communicate effectively both individually and in groups.
  9. Able to improve logical, critical, systematic, and creative thinking through scientific research in the field of science and technology-based on scientific principles, procedures, and ethics in the form of theses and papers published in seminars or scientific journals at both national and international levels.