Guest Lecture in Capture The Flag – What it is, how to play, tips, and hands-on our Mini CTF

Thu, 02 Jun 2022
2:07 pm
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On May 18th, 2022, the Department of Informatics ITS invited Dr.  Eirini Anthi as a Guest Lecture to explain more about a fun event called CTF (Capture The Flag). Dr. Eirini Anthi is a lecturer in cyber security at the School of Computer Science & Informatics, Cardiff University, UK. This session was moderated by Dr. Baskoro Adi P., S.Kom., M.Kom., a lecturer at the Department of Informatics ITS. This session was attended by more than 70 participants online via the Zoom Cloud Meeting application and was also broadcasted live via YouTube. The Guest Lecture event is part of the Independent Campus Competition Program (Program Kompetisi Kampus Merdeka, PK-KM).

During this session, Dr. Eirini Anthi explained what CTF is about, how to play it – even how to get started, gave some tips, and let us experience playing a mini-CTF. We did this because playing CTF can be the best experience to learn and pursue a career in cyber security. The CTF competition CTF is classified into the “Jeopardy-style” and the “Attack-Defend style”. The former style contains a series of challenges in various categories to earn some points. The latter style is done by attacking the opponent’s system. There are multiple categories in CTFm, such as Forensics/Stego, Cryptography, Web, OSINT, Binary, and Reverse Engineering. The goal of CTF is to find “the flag”, a secret value created by the game master. It can be done by investigating/manipulating files, looking for confidential information, infiltrating a website, etc.

According to Dr. Eirini Anthi, the best ways to prepare for CTF are 1) getting and learning how to use Kali Linux – an OS specifically built for pentesting/forensic/etc., 2) exercising with previous CTF challenges, and 3) learning from accessible sources, such as YouTube, or paid courses. Try to Hack Me and Hack The Box are some of the platforms that can help us learn how to play CTF. She also suggested that if we get stuck in CTF before finding the walkthrough of the challenges, we should try to solve the challenges by ourselves first.

This interactive session involved participants answering polls throughout the presentation, conducting Question and Answer (QnA) discussions, and playing mini CTF in groups. At the end of the session, participants found that the CTF was fun and would be interested in doing it again in the future, as written in their feedback.

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