Spiritual Activities

Spiritual Activities

ITS does not only strive to improve soft skills but also students’ spiritual intelligence. The effort taken was to form a Spiritual Development Team (TPK). There are 5 TPK in ITS, namely Islamic TPK, Buddhist TPK, Hindu TPK, Catholic TPK, and Christian TPK. Each of the TPKs was also composed of the Daily Management Board to run events related to the religion. The TPK is also expected to be able to bond relations between ITS students within the scope of religion.

Ruslam (RUpa iSLAM)

Ruslam (RUpa iSLAM)

Da’wah institution that oversees the religious activities of Muslims in the DKV ITS department


To be the institute of worship that can be a means of the development of Islamic visions and building Islamic ukhwah by the guidance of the Qur’an, Hadith, and Ijtihad Ulama.


  1. Improve the understanding of Muslim students through creative teaching activities that are accessible throughout the academic civitas DKV ITS
  2. Making the Quran, Hadits and ijtihad scholars as guidelines in teaching and organizing activities
  3. Optimizing the role and functions of functionaries in the implementation of work programmes and agendas

Functionaries Ruslam DKV 2023

Chairman: Azzam Aulia Trihatmo

Vice-Chairman: Nadhira Farras A

Member: Aisha Nandya Kirana

Work Program & Agenda

1. KALAM (Islamic word) – Once a week

Tausiah on Instagram Feeds every Monday morning about Islamic preferences based on hadiths (Posting range from 04:00 to 17:00). (jika jadwal posting sama dengan jadwal reka, maka jadwal kalam ditunda 1 hari)

-Priority Psalms

– Intention.


– It’s sports.

-Priority reading the Koran

– A place God loves.



– Words that should be avoided.

-Rough word.

2. TAFAQUR (Translation of the Qur’an) – Once a week

Instagram feeds the interpretation of the Quran every Thursday morning regarding the explanation of one or more verses of the Qur’an (Posting range from 04:00 to 17:00). (jika jadwal posting sama dengan jadwal reka, maka jadwal tafaqur ditunda 1 hari)

– My heart’s quiet.

-Protection verses from Jin

– Inviting to do good.

– Responsibility.

– Trying.

– Honestly.

– Don’t give up.

– Excessive.

– God is with us.

-Rezeki has been set.

3. Ruslam Carries – Adjusting the Big Day Date

Instagram feeds contain feeds of the great days of Indonesia and Islam, feeds are both digital and traditional graphics (Posting range, If the content is fasting then H-1 hours 16.00 – 22.00, Other content of the day H, 06.00 – 10.00).

4. Around Islam

Starts after Kalam and Tafaqur is finished, posting schedule Monday and Friday, About Islamic Facts, Islamic Law, Quiz Islam (Posting range 4:00 – 17:00). (jika jadwal posting sama dengan jadwal reka, maka jadwal posting ditunda 1 hari)

– The law of song music.

– A friend’s story.

– The law of the picture.

– A prophetic story.

– Dress up law.

– A friend’s story.

If you want to know more about RUSLAM, you can visit our Instagram account @ruslamdkv.its

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