Spiritual Activities

ITS does not only strive to improve soft skills but also students’ spiritual intelligence. The effort taken was to form a Spiritual Development Team (TPK). There are 5 TPK in ITS, namely Islamic TPK, Buddhist TPK, Hindu TPK, Catholic TPK, and Christian TPK. Each of the TPKs was also composed of the Daily Management Board to run events related to the religion. The TPK is also expected to be able to bond relations between ITS students within the scope of religion.

Ruslam (RUpa iSLAM)

Ruslam (RUpa iSLAM)

Da’wah institution that oversees the religious activities of Muslims in the DKV ITS department


Become a da’wah institution that can be a means of developing Islamic insights and building Islamic ukhuwah based on the Al-Quran, Hadith and ijtihad of Ulama


  1. Increase the understanding of Muslim students through creative da’wah activities that can be reached by all DKV ITS academia
  2. Making Al-Quran, Hadith and Ulama’s ijtihad as a guide in da’wah and organizational activities
  3. Optimizing the roles and functions of functionaries in implementing work programs and agendas

Functionaries Ruslam DKV 2022

Chairman – M. Devino Nauvalfarrel Savero

Deputy – Asy Syifaa Nur Izzah

Treasurer – Isda Firstan Nisa S

Member – Azzam Aulia Trihatmo

– Nadhira Farras A

Work Program & Agenda

1. Syiar Online

Broadcast about Islamic posts and phbi warnings through social media

2. Radar (Ramadhan Berkarya)

It is an online collaboration and work exhibition that is open to the public during Ramadan

3. Ruslam Open Donation


Want to know more about RUSLAM. you can visit our Instagram account @ruslamdkv.its

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