Wirdhatul Muslihatin, S. Si., M. Si

Curriculum Vitae

Name Wirdhatul Muslihatin
NIP 19840620 201212 2004
Email w_muslih@bio.its.ac.id / wirdhabioits@gmail.com
Expertise / research area Plant tissue culture
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2009                Master of Science major Botany, Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Bogor, Indonesia

2006                Bachelor of Science major Biology, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS),

Surabaya, Indonesia


Professional experiences

2009 – 2012                Lecturer at Biology Education Departement, Faculty of Education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya, Indonesia

2012 – present             Lecturer at Biology Department, Faculty of Science ITS Surabaya, Indonesia (Assistant Professor)

2016 – 2020                Head of Laboratory of Bioscience and Plant Technology, Biology Department, Faculty of Science ITS Surabaya, Indonesia


Research topics (last 3 years)

2020                     Application of photoautotrop biotechnology in Stevia rebaudiana to produce synthetic seeds and superior seeds as an effective source of low calory  sugar cane substitute (Funding by research grant of ITS  888/PKS/ITS/2020888/PKS/ITS/2020)

2019                     Chitosan nanoparticles as a natural coating to improve the quality of local fruit harvest (Funding by research grant of ITS  no 1819/PKS/ITS/2019)

2018                Analysis of genetic diversity Moringa oleifera based on different of petiole colors in the  Poteran Madura island using  ISSR (Inter Simple Sequence Repeat) method (Funding by research grant of ITS  no. 1729/PKS/ITS/2018)

2018                Medium composition of Moringa oleifera synthetic seeds germination: Commercialization of high quality seed to sustainable green industry (Funding by research grant of ITS  no 2056/PKS/ITS/2018)

2017                In vitro culture as an alternative to conservation and commercialization of Moringa oleifera synthetic seed (Funding by research grant of ITS no. 768/PKS/ITS/2017)

2017                Moringa oleifera synthetic seeds as efforts of medicinal plant conservation and commercialization toward sustainable industries (Funding by research grant of ITS no. 1752/PKS/ITS /2017)

2017                Seed quality and structure test of tobacco Nicotiana tabacum, Marakot varieties of induced by Ethyl Methane Sulphonate (Funding by research grant of ITS no. 1123/PKS/ITS /2017)



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 Muslihatin W., Andriyani. 2020. Effect of Chemical Mutagen EMS (Ethyl Methane Sulfonate) on Growth and Phytochemical Response of Bara Chilli Variety (Capsicum frutescens var. Bara). Annals of Biology, 36 (2): 186-189

Sutini, Widiwurjani, Augustien N, Purwanto DA, Muslihatin W. The production of cinnamic acid secondary metabolites through in vitro culture of callus Camellia sinensis L with the elicitor of cobalt metal ions. 2019. AIP Conference Proceedings 2120 (1), 030028

 Muslihatin W., Jadid N., Himayani CESA., Kuncoro EP.   2018. In vitro germination of Moringa oleifera synthetic seed on different composition of medium. Bioscience Research, 15 (3):1982-1991

Alami, N.H., Duhita, C.K., Muslihatin, W., Zulaika, E., Shovitri, M. 2018. Effect of Yeast Carrier Media with Azotobacter Addition as Biofertilizer Against Growth and Productivity of Mustard (Brassica juncea L.). IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

Nurhidayati T., Muslihatin W., Firdausi N., Setyaningsih EP., Nurhayati ADP., Kuncoro EP. 2018. Effect Of Carrier Media for Biofertilizer of Phospate Solublizing Bacteria Bacillus sp to Peanut  (Arachishypogea) Growth. Bioscience Research, 15 (3):1975-1981

Muslihatin W., Jadid N.,Saputro TB., Purwani KI., Himayani CESA., Calandry AW. 2018. Characteristics of synthetic seeds of two medical plants. Journal of Physics: Conf series, 1040 012005.

Muslihatin W., Jadid N., Puspitasari I., Himayani CESA .2017. Growth of vegetative explant Moringa oleifera on different composition of auxin and cytokinin and its synthetic seed germination. AIP Conference Proceedings 1854, 020024

Sutini, Sodiq M. Muslihatin W., Indra MR. 2017. Production of Secondary Metabolites Trymhetil Xanthina by Camelia sinensis L. suspention culture. AIP Conference Proceedings 1854, 020036

Jadid N., Rachman RY., Hartanti SR., Abdulgani N., Wikanta W., Muslihatin W. 2016. Methanol extract of Piper retrofractum  AHL. potentially mediates mast cell   stabilization. Int J Pharm Bio Sci, 7(2): 379 – 383 



PID2019015506         Growth medium for synthetic seed of Moringa oleifera (submitted)



Keanekaragaman jaringan tumbuhan di Indonesia. ITS Press. 2018