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Promotion System for Interdisciplinary Research

A promotion system is an essential component of the professional career of a researcher. It provides a clear path for career advancement, offering opportunities for recognition, higher salaries, greater responsibility, and more challenging work. Researcher motivation can be boosted by a promotion system’s acknowledgment, which encourages them to keep pushing the boundaries of knowledge in their profession. A promotion system can also act as a type of quality control by mandating that researchers must attain a particular level of excellence and productivity before being considered for advancement. For institutions and organizations, keeping brilliant researchers on staff is essential. A promotion system can aid in keeping these people by offering them chances for professional progression and acknowledging their accomplishments. In the end, a promotion system is essential for researchers because it offers a route to success and supplies the rewards and incentives required to spur innovation and advance the frontiers of knowledge.

The advantages of holding a higher position within a school system are numerous. Influence is increased, which is one of the most important advantages. One can help define the curriculum, establish policies, and make choices that have an impact on the entire organization when one has a higher position since they have more influence on the institution’s priorities and direction. In addition to having the chance to take on new duties and difficulties, people in higher positions also have the chance to improve professionally. In order to improve their abilities and knowledge, they might also have access to further training and development possibilities. Another advantage of holding a higher position at an educational institution is networking with other leaders in the field of education, which can result in new collaborations, partnerships, and possibilities. A higher position in an educational institution can be immensely fulfilling for those who are passionate about education. They have the chance to expand knowledge and understanding and to have a beneficial influence on the lives of faculty, staff, and students.

ITS provides promotion for lecturers who are researchers, through several ways such as education, implementation of education, research, and community service. For research itself, ITS emphasizes for researchers to be able to publish in international journals and research outputs that can be directly used by the society. Moreover, with the existence of interdisciplinary research at ITS, researchers will find it easier to improve their positions because their focus or research can be completed more quickly and will also get higher grades. For example in 2021 ITS had focused flagship research for Intelligent Health Care to assist medical industry in pandemic situation. Therefore, researchers from the departments of electrical engineering, informatics, and mechanical engineering collaborated to create RAISA (Robot Medical Assistance ITS-Surabaya), which assisted medical professionals during the pandemic by reducing contact with Covid-19 patients. As a result, a significant number of ITS researchers have been promoted.

For promotion system for interdisciplinary research amongst science. Because ITS is a STEM-focused Public University, there are many promotions system devoted to it, especially for interdisciplinary research among science disciplines.

In addition, promotions system for interdisciplinary research can be seen further in the detail images on the right especially for Kum C (Credit numbers for lecturer/researcher on research). Evidence can be seen further in the link here

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