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Administrative Support for Interdisciplinary Research

In the field of research, administrative support plays a critical role in ensuring that researchers can focus their time and energy on advancing knowledge and making groundbreaking discoveries. From managing budgets and grant proposals to coordinating travel arrangements and scheduling meetings, administrative support staff provides the essential services that keep research teams functioning smoothly. Without these support services, researchers would be burdened with administrative tasks that take away from their ability to focus on their research. In this sense, administrative support is the backbone of successful research teams and an integral part of the research process. In this essay, we will explore the importance of administrative support for researchers, highlighting the various ways in which administrative support staff contributes to the success of research teams.

ITS provides administrative support not only for regular researcher but also interdisciplinary researcher. For example, ITS held Latihan Kepemimpinan dan Manajemen Riset (Training for Leadership and Research Management). In this training, participants will learn many things such as patent regulation, ethics for researcher & publication, collaboration for interdisciplinary research that useful for society, analytical thinking, etc. Through this program, ITS trying to provide academic assistance through this research is because it is very basic for every researcher especially for those who wants to collaboration for interdisciplinary research.

Administrative support for interdisciplinary research amongst science, ITS provides the same support for science and non-science because ITS is always trying to improve anything through research. In addition, administrative for interdisciplinary research can be seen further in the detail images on the right. Evidence can be seen further in the link here

ITS' Training for Lecturer

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