Laboratory of Construction Management

Laboratory of Construction Management

Focus of Specialties of this Laboratory of  Construction Management

  • Construction Engineering & Management
  • Construction & Property Economics

Type of Service

  1. Construction Engineering & Management
    • Project time management.
    • Project cost management.
    • Project quality management.
    • Project scope management.
    • Project resources management.
    • Information management in construction.
    • Project contract.
    • Construction method.
    • Quantitative decisions making.
    • Risk within construction.
    • All of the above are within the context of civil engineering.
  2. Construction & Property Economics
    • Market analysis, modelling & forecasting
    • Capital structure decisions
    • Feasibility studies
    • Investment theory and practice
    • Pricing and valuation
    • Project financing
    • Cost forecasting, prediction & modelling
    • Financial implication of system
    • Risk management
    • Project Development
    • Value management
    • All of the above are within the context of civil engineering construction and property.


Phone       : +6231-5946094 / 5939925
Fax           : +6231-5947284

Research Roadmap

In this section, Laboratory of Construction Management Research Roadmap will be explained.

Staff of Experts and Their Specialties

The Laboratory of Construction Management of the CE Dept. of ITS is supported by a team of experts with competencies on their own specialties, i.e:

Value Management, Property Asset Management
Christiono Utomo, ST, MT, Ph.D (Head of Laboratory)

Risk Management, Support System
M. Arif Rohman, ST, M.Sc, Ph.D

Risk Management
Ir. I Putu Artama Wiguna, MT, Ph.D

Appraisal, Engineering Economics
Ir. Retno Indryani,  MT

Project Controlling, Information Management in Construction
Tri Joko Wahyu Adi, ST, MT, Ph.D

Project Cost Management, Quality Management
Farida Rachmawati, ST, MT, Ph.D

Feasibility Study, Construction Method, Procurement,  Contract
Cahyono Bintang Nurcahyo, ST, MT

Project Controlling
Ir. Yusronia Eka Putri R W, MT