Laboratory of Concrete Advanced Material and Computational Mechanics

Laboratory of Concrete Advanced Material and Computational Mechanics

Emphasize  on  service  for  customer  satisfaction,  and  to  aim  toward international-standard laboratory.


  1.  Educational communities.
  2.  Researchers.
  3.  Practicing engineers.

The Laboratory of Concrete and Building Materials provides the following services:

  1. Training on Design Quality Improvement:
    • Comprehension of the new codes
    • Application of reinforced concrete design
    • Design of various earthquake-resistant structures.
    • The skill on using CAD, CAE, SAP, ETABS for design.
  2. Development of new product materials to meet market demand.
    • Establishing new product specifications.
    • Maintaining uniformity of product quality
    • Increase of productivity.
    • Development of new product through research.
  3. Certification for product quality :
    • Skill on  control  and  production  of  building  materials,  especially  for  high-strength concret
    • Testing of product quality according to international standard (ASTM)
  4. Rehabilitation, repair and retrofit of buildings.
    • Repair of buildings due to damage from corrosion, fire, or earthquake
    • Strengthening building structure to anticipate stronger earthquake forces.
  5. Research
    • Innovation on obtaining better quality materials. Performing tests on structural performances.
    • Developing cooperation with others, in national or international level.


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