Activity 1

Integrated Learning Through Project-Based Learning Curriculum and Problem-Based Learning

Description :

The peculiarity of learning in the chemical engineering study program is to design and operate optimally and safely from a process/operation or a collection of processes/operations. The existence of several differences in reporting in the pre-factory design task stage in the ITS Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program curriculum with the basic engineering design (BED) used in the business and industrial world requires activities that find common ground between the two. In addition, the theme of the pre-factory design task was derived more from previous assignments and paid less attention to the latest industry trends and the use of local resources. The involvement of the industry and related businesses is very much needed in the preparation of an integrated curriculum between academic abilities and industry needs.

The purpose of this activity is to increase the application of project learning and problem-based learning to courses in the Chemical Engineering undergraduate study program ITS that support the pre-design task of chemical plants and are in line with the business world and the industrial world.

This activity consists of several sub-activities including:

  1. Curriculum workshops with business and industrial sources as well as local government agencies
  2. Problem-based/project-based learning workshop with curriculum revision document output
  3. BED design by student guidance with lecturers and DUDI

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