Basic Laboratory of Physics Chemical

Isu strategis yang menjadi dasar dan fokus penelitian Laboratorium DasarDasar Fisika Kimia Departemen Teknik Kimia Industri Fakultas Vokasi tahun 2015-2020 adalah pemanfaatan publik.

Determination of the composition of a material by qualitative and quantitative analysis using instrumental analysis techniques such as spectrometry analysis and safe chromatographic separation techniques based on procedures or standards.

Ir. Elly Agustini, M.Eng

  1. Ir. Agus Surono, MT

Practical activities at the Chemical Analytical Laboratory are scheduled to be carried out every odd semester. The modules in the implementation of the lab are as follows:

  1. Binare Liquid,
  2. Vapor Phase Diagram,
  3. Steam Distillation,
  4. Distribution Coefficient,
  5. Reaction Speed,
  6. Reciprocal Phenol Water,
  7. Metal Coating,
  8. Liquid Viscosity,
  9. Solubility As a Temperature Function,
  10. Colligative Properties of Solutions.