Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Strategic issues that are the basis and research focus of the Analytical Laboratory of the Department of Industrial Chemical Engineering of the 2015-2020 Vocational Faculty are public use

Determination of the composition of a material in qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Ir. Elly Agustini, M.Eng

  1. Ir. Elly Agustiani, M. Eng
  2. Warlinda Eka Triastuti, S. Si, MT

Practical activities at the Chemical Analytical Laboratory are scheduled to be carried out every odd semester. The modules in the implementation of the lab are as follows:

  1. Laboratory techniques (Introduction to equipments, introduction to work methods, making standard solutions, standardizing solutions, handling glassware equipment)
  2. Anion Qualitative Analysis,
  3. Cation Qualitative Analysis,
  4. Quantitative Analysis of Acidi-Alkali,
  5. Argentometry,
  6. Graphimetry,
  7. Permanganometry,
  8. Iodometry,
  9. EDTA Complexometry (Ethyl Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid),